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The true story of John Romulus Brinkley, a small-town Kansas doctor who discovers in 1917 that he can cure impotence by transplanting goat testicles into men. And that’s just the tipping point in this stranger-than-fiction tale. With the balls of a P.T. Barnum, the gonads of goats, and the wishful dreams of flaccid men, Brinkley amassed a fortune, was almost elected Governor of Kansas, invented junk mail and the infomercial, and built the world’s most powerful radio station. By the time all of the twists and turns of Brinkley’s story are revealed, Nuts! certainly earns its title.

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Nuts! movie full length review - Yes, it really is a documentary

If I told you that the father of modern direct marketing was not from Madison Avenue but a quack doctor in Kansas who "implanted" goat testicles in patients to restore virility, you would not believe me.

If you see "Nuts!", a movie about this doctor, you're not going to believe it's a true story. The movie has a light tone and considerable animation including frequent images of goats enjoying "goaty" things. The story of Dr. JR Brinkley is too wild and unlikely to be true but, rest assured, it is. "Nuts!" chronicles the rise of a patent medicine quack into the United States' best-paid doctor who invented nationwide-mass marketing in the process of building his fortune by promising hope and change before it became a political slogan. Penny Lane, the filmmaker, has crafted one very entertaining film about JR Brinkley's story from archival film, preserved documents, and new animations.

We saw this film through the San Jose Camera Cinema Club.