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A guy struggling to find his place in life, starts his day looking for a job but finds the world he knew has regressed into a mess of confusion and the only one with the answers is too busy killing everyone.

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Nutsack Pt. 1: Lucifer's Cosmonauts movie full length review - Great Gore and Atmosphere

Nutsack Pt.1: Lucifer's Cosmonauts (2016)

*** (out of 4)

A man (James Bell) wakes up in the morning and finds a note from his wife asking him to go out and look for a job. Once out on the streets he fights to need to get a hit but eventually runs into a couple other heroin junkies. The three realize that the city seems to be covered with body parts and soon terror shows up.

NUTSACK PT.1: LUCIFER'S COSMONAUTS is the fourth film from director Bell and the third one that I watched in a row. I don't think this film was quite as good as his third one TANTRUM but that has more to do with how good that film was. This film here manages to contain that gore you'd expect from the director as well as that bizarre atmosphere that I find so addicting.

What I enjoyed most about this film is the way Bell manages to build up a very grim atmosphere and of course this is when the various gore effects come into play. The alien creature itself is fitting for the low-budget and there are times when you see the strings operating it but I'd much rather have an actual effect over some computer junk. The gore/death scenes are quite memorable with all sorts of slime, blood and body fluids being thrown around. The effects themselves are extremely good and especially when you consider the budget.

The one issue I had with this film was the music score. It seems they were trying to get the same type of effect out of the score as they did for TANTRUM but it just doesn't work here. Still, this is certainly an entertaining movie if you're a fan of the director. I just discovered his work and I can't wait to see what else he has coming.