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Oliver's Deal movie full length review - Review for The Debt

Sometimes in the film culture, there can be a presence of skewed portrayals of different ethnicities or places that aren't the reality of their actual representation.

For example, a lot of people see Peru as just an exotic vacation destination because of the beautiful rain forests and Machu Picchu that's the logical destination. It's not depicting Peru in its entirety in the way it deserves. However, I can say with full conviction and admiration that Director Barney Elliot in The Debt, took the time and care to create a thrilling but heart felt drama while fostering Peruvian culture and history by accurately portraying the reality of Peru. He didn't set this high finance deal between New York businessmen and Peruvian farmers regarding the 1968 agrarian reform in Machu Picchu or the exotic shorelines. Rather, he showed the urban, busy life of Lima, the hard working farmland pastures of the Peruvian countryside, and the limited amount of hospital care in Peru to tell a moving yet suspenseful tale on the unexpected consequences of the character's decisions. I recommend this not only for fans of dramas but also it is important to be educated on the reality of our worldly surroundings.