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After the death of his girlfriend, Travis, a thirty-something psychiatrist, struggles to keep it together. On the brink of a nervous breakdown he stumbles across a strange church run by a charismatic leader, Pastor Jay. In search of answers Travis is led deeper and deeper into the underworld of religious fanaticism, home to a Doomsday cult and a teenage girl named Grace.

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One Eyed Girl movie full length review - not your average stereotypical cult movie

some reviews were to me only negative, due the the lack of understanding, how in some respects the cult was showing true and brutal honest insight toward the main character..

a man who was living his world only able to face all that surrounded him through abuse of prescription drugs and alcohol.. he hated himself had no respect or worth of his life and was disgusted with his selfish behavior that led to his wife's suicide..it got to the point not even the drugs were enough to face the truth about who had become..he took an overdose then made a call to the cult that he had tried to understanding by attending a meeting but saw nothing but flawed actions and left..but the people of the cult when he phoned to say he was dying from an overdose they came and saved his life ...took him to the "farm" and treated him with no respect show dislike toward him and forced him to suffer in every way while his body went through withdrawal from the drugs and alcohol addiction he chosen in his world of hell..it was the only way to show that why should anyone show him everything he hated and disrespected his whole life he chosen why show nothing but disgust to some that disgusted themselves and it was away to make him see through it all the only true path to take to really see his mistake and judgments on a world he felt no place to exist in and when his body was clean from addiction he then had to face the demons that had caused his life to be an existence of suffering and self inflicted pain from circumstances beyond his control..and the cult did guide him to release the pain and anger inside and finally let go of the darkness that held its grip upon his soul.....it all seemed too good to be true to be watching a movie that you really had to concentrate on and pay attention to to be able to see it held profound depth ....but as in all walks of life...nothing is for free...there are consequences and there are cults that show good on the outside..but all leaders of such groups seem always to get a high from the control and power they have over their flock..and an ugly and dark side of what seemed a leader of exception to the norm..wasn't so..he too was a person who creates these groups for control and power ...and all the healing he had helped the main character through was soon destroyed when his dark side imposed upon a young boy to which the main character was witness to..sickened him and all he felt was betrayal lies and cruel secrets.. it was indeed on of the profound movies that portray typical cult story lines..and this film held itself until the end, which sad and unacceptable conclusion but a destiny which had just been hindered through its journey to the end...