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Two siblings discover a supernatural escape from a troubled home, but find their bond tested when reality threatens to tear their family apart.

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One & Two movie full length review - Adam and Eva before being expel from Eden

"One & Two" is a new interpretation of how Eva is tempted to "see" and to "feel" what is outside Eden. She really craves to know the real world (to taste good and evil).

When we are born in this 3D world we are put in a fleshy body in order to know pleasure and pain by our five senses. The Father knows that if Adam and Eva run away they will face the cruelties of the outside world. That's why he is warning them not to cross the barrier. The Mother however is willing to give them a chance. In this film the omnipotent God the Creator is represented in his dualistic form - the Father and his female consort the Divine Mother(Sofia, Prakriti)- something that is omitted in the Bible, but well explained in the Gnostic scriptures and in the Vedic texts. In the beginning Elochim (plural)created the human being as two united parts - so to say in its precelestial state every human being (man or woman)is an ideal creature made of both male and female forces/energies/substances. When we descend in fleshy body from Heaven to our 3D world a dichotomy takes place - from One we became Two. We are no longer the ideal precelestial creature. We are separated and it causes us pain and suffering.

Please see for reference the Gospel of Thomas (11): "When you were one, you became two. But when you become two, what will you do?" In "One & Two" the director traces the painful process of postcelestial separation, the rage of the Father and the rejection of the Father's will. In the end of the movie Adam and Eva tried to destroy the heaven they came from. Did they succeed to burn out all the ways to return there or there is still a small possibility for the human being to recreate his/her original state?