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Chinese narco-cops take their mission to the Golden Triangle following the Mekong River massacre of innocent fishermen by the region's drug lord.

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Operation Mekong movie full length review - 2 hours non-stop action thriller

In my opinion, this movies is comparable to Star War or Expandable 3. It is based on a real story: 13 Chinese cargo ship members were murdered on 10/5/2011 by the drug lord in the Golden Triangle.

It took the undercover anti-drug several years to penetrate the drug circle. It reveals the dark side of the drug gang, where they use kids as soldiers for suicide bomb and control them by drug. I just saw the first show in the U.S. yesterday. You won't be disappointed. Plus, every Chinese should see this movies.

There was a police dog name "XiaoTian" was very smart, brave, and he died at the end trying to protect the lead cop for the operation. Also, there are several undercover agents got killed during the operation. It is one of best films I have seen in years. It is much better than Expandable 3 or Star War.