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Joe, a programmer and obsessive self-quantifier, and Emily, a budding comedy performer, are happily married until they decide to use one another in their work. A dark comedy about love, technology, and what can’t be programmed.

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Operator movie full length review - Artificial Intelligence,Love,Relationship and Drama

It is a story of a programmer and relation with his spouse and his friends.

And how the relationship goes down when the Joe(the programmer) starts a project with his colleague to create an Artificially Intelligent answering machine for the client of the company in which he is employed. He involved his wife Emily on it because she is so good in handling customers and clients in a hotel in which she is working. Meanwhile Emily(programmer's wife) has different interests like working in different kind of theater and after sometime she does't like to work with Joe. Joe ,unable to understand her feelings let her go and stick to AI software though software is kind of feels like humanly. When he realized that Emily (AI) is not Emily(wife). He regret that and makes everything good with her.

The story is quite interesting and contains real drama here. If you are a programmer or person who understand little bit of Artificial Intelligence then the movie could be intimating and interesting & if you are not then also you will feel the story and drama. Anyways this movie is full utilization of time and money .The people who worked on this movie has done great job on it. It's good to watch movies like that.