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A picturesque family vacation to the Ozarks goes sideways when a group of bull sharks show up just in time for the big fireworks festival that the town holds every year.

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Ozark Sharks movie full length review - It is yet another of those generic shark flicks...

Another shark movie to the near limitless supply of creature features from SyFy. So you would think that they have drained the genre dry already, but they still manage to come up with new ideas for new movies.

And "Ozark Sharks" doesn't really differentiate itself from the numerous many other shark movies, many of which also to come from SyFy. As such, then "Ozark Sharks" turns out to be just another shark movie.

As with most other SyFy movies, then you shouldn't get your hopes up too high in terms of acting and special effects, because you will most likely just end up disappointed. And true enough, then "Ozark Sharks" stays true to the blueprint that SyFy uses for these creature features.

The acting in the movie was adequate, I will give the movie that much. Well, at least adequate taking the genre into consideration. People were doing good enough jobs with their individual roles, and actually seemed to be having fun with what they were doing. However, it was somewhat of a strain to witness Allisyn Ashley Arm (playing Molly) to stride through the movie as if she was doped up on prescription medication.

As for the effects. Well then I could actually just suffice to summarize it with four simple words; standard SyFy special effects. With that being said, I should perhaps clarify that for those not already familiar with the myriad of creature features released by SyFy. The effects were questionable at best, and the sharks looked very poorly animated, except for those shots where they were using actual shark footage.

The story in "Ozark Sharks" is about a family that have come to a vacation resort at a small town, when the peace and quiet is abruptly disturbed by six sharks that feed upon humans.

"Ozark Sharks" is not genre breaking in any way, nor did it bring anything new to the genre. Well, strike that, it did bring a scene where a shark was sent skyward by fireworks and exploded in a very colorful fireworks explosion. I hadn't seen that before in my 41 years, so thumbs up for that.

This movie is not the best of creature features from SyFy, not by a long shot. And if you enjoy shark movies, then there are far better choices available. It is, at best, worth a single viewing if you have nothing better to watch and have some interest in shark and these cheesy SyFy movies. Some of us have that bizarre urge to watch these low budget, cheesy movies because they usually are so poor and cheesy that they are funny to watch.

"Ozark Sharks" scores a four out of ten stars rating, because it was still semi-enjoyable, despite it being a very generic SyFy creature feature.