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An underground MMA fighter must confront his sister and his past in an adventure through parallel universes

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Parallels movie full length review - Great idea for a TV show Pilot -- Not a movie.

First, let me reiterate what everyone is thinking who has watched this all the way through -- choosing to turn this from a TV series pilot to a movie is both a disservice to the viewer and to the people who made this show.

The content which is covered in this show, and which could/should be covered in this show would realistically need several dozen hours of good writing and cinematography. Plus, among TV shows, sci-fi fans have been thirsting for a good show that delves exclusively into the theoretical nuances of parallel universes as well as the science behind it. Fringe was a wonderful show that Fox had that delved into this to some extent -- but alas, it was not the main focus of the show. This should not detract from Fringe; but rather, I am trying to say that this show has the potential to really expand upon that foundation and take it in a new (more focused and exciting) direction.

Now, to get into the more critical points, I gave this show a 10 because of its potential and the power of its ideas -- also, the ambition and lack of scientific faux-pas. I also gave it this score because I want Fox to realize their mistake in not making this into a series (a series that I think could easily have a larger following than Dr. Who). In all fairness though, there are several flaws with this pilot-turned-movie. The most noticeable flaw is the quality of acting. In Fringe, the audience had phenomenal writers and a varying amount of talent and experience in actors, but they were at least anchored with John Noble in what is probably his most impressive and memorable role of his career. Parallels has lukewarm acting at best, with no notably experienced actors present to help anchor, teach, or guide the rest of the cast. While the writing is surprisingly good for a sci-fi pilot episode, there are still hiccups here and there that make little sense. However, a lot of this can be forgiven in my mind because when judging a pilot, I feel one must weigh potential with more gravity than the fine details that come with experience. All in all, I would recommend this to anyone who loves sci-fi of any sort. It's not gimmicky like Dr. Who (ew). The CGI is not only good quality, but it's also believable. The cinematography is better than most Sci-Fi. Most importantly, the ideas are engaging. As a scientist myself, after the first 20 minutes, it isn't annoyingly dumbed down. For people with no scientific background, I can almost certainly guarantee that nothing will go over your head. You don't have to be a trekkie to love this. It has blemishes, but would make a fantastic series in the right hands.