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An underground MMA fighter must confront his sister and his past in an adventure through parallel universes

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Parallels movie full length review - For those of you who don't think this was original...

Consider Star Trek: The Next Generation. Was it original? No... the original series predates it by decades, but it was still popular. Sure it introduced some original additions to the original show, but it was ultimately the same concept.

I'm honestly very hyped that someone took the time to produce this, even if it wasn't the greatest. Sure it had some flaws, but overall, this is an idea that has not been visited enough. Sure, there was sliders and sure there was fringe, and sure even J.J. Abram's toyed with the idea of multiple universes... but does that make it unoriginal? Absolutely not. In my opinion, this is one concept that is rarely visited and the only other show I've ever seen where it was the primary focus was, in fact, sliders. Sliders is outdated now so it needs a replacement with original additions.

Given time to mature, I could see this show providing a lot of original additions. Sliders, for instance, focused mainly on the worlds that were visited (like Quantum Leap) and for this time in TV history that was the acceptable thing to do. Keeping shows simple and with minimal plot-line continuity was just the acceptable thing to do back in those days. With the advent of internet and smart TVs, you can revisit previous episodes that you missed or forgot much easier than having to record it on video tapes. So it's more acceptable for shows to have more plot-line continuity these days. Then, there's also the fact that we have more technology readily available at a lower cost, so lower-budget productions can still do very well. In fact, in this case, I think Parallels is much more believable than sliders (setting aside relative expectations of that time versus now) despite its low budget.

Yes, Sliders was good for its time but I seriously can't watch it nowadays. I tried... can't. I love the idea, but it's too outdated and cheesy. I might watch it to get a good laugh, but that's about it. Sorry any "Sliders" fans out there (no offense). Anyways, it's about time a new version of Sliders came out, so I don't so much mind if this isn't original at all. Who cares anyways? Will the "original" police please step forward?