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Four years into his first stable relationship, a man finds out that he is pregnant with his partner's baby.

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Paternity Leave movie full length review - I Think The Movie Will Be Great !!!!!

Well, I Think the Movie will be great based on the trailer I have seen. The Movie show what it could look like when a biological male gets pregnant.

I am happy that the movie was made, because male pregnancy movies are rare the find. Specially, where the plot centered on a gay couple. I think Jacob York did a good job at portraying a gay pregnant man. This movie is a must see for fans of independent movies and Matt Riddlehoover's work. This romantic comedy is an original in this field. The baby bump looks real and well made. I like how they made the movie the atmosphere looks the relaxed and inviting. All in all, the movie is a well made depiction of a reality we all wish was true.