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Consumed by a horrific event in her past, a woman is driven to violent retribution, and soon discovers that there can be no getting even. Her only ally: a meth-making genius who manipulates her for his own ends while she wages a vigilante campaign against a powerful drug lord and his thug army. A detective, investigating a series of grisly homicides, begins to uncover the truth about her, and the role he himself played in her origins. But can he find her in time to stop the killing, and to save her from herself?

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Pearl: The Assassin movie full length review - good low-budget action movie

I thought this was a good indie action movie with a kick ass female lead character. It's nice to see a female lead that doesn't just distract enemies with sex, and it didn't center on a love story just because the lead was a female.

The comic relief sidekick was great. It helped lighten up a dark and murder-filled plot. I think considering this was a no budget movie they did a better job than most Hollywood action movies at actually telling a story. | It was nice to see diversity in the main characters too- a female, a senior citizen, Asian, African-Americans... Also enjoyed recognizing all the NY/NJ area locations.