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A fateful meeting with a mysterious stranger inspires Pee-wee Herman to take his first-ever holiday.

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Pee-Wee's Big Holiday movie full length review - He's Back!

I give the movie a 9 out of 10. It's a netflix movie, and with that being said I think it was great. I really hope to see more Pee-wee herman in the near future.

I enjoyed the movie, but I love and adore Pee-wee herman so it would be hard not to love a movie that showcased the same Pee-wee we remember.

The Pee-wee character is one of the most epic characters of my life time and Paul Reubens creative genius behind the character is unlike what any other actor or character has been in my life time, in my opinion. I watched playhouse as a kid and loved the movies as a kid and always found Pee-wee to be just a timeless character. When the anticipation for this movie started to happen and days before I actually watched it I found myself deep into research about Paul Reuben and his legacy both on stage and in the public eye. I scoured the internet trying to figure out all the gossip and listened to a great interview via NERDIST (aka chris hardwick) as of recently that is just so interesting.

Conservative people always found Pee-wee to be odd and that when the trouble with the law stuff happened it was so crippling for the legacy of Pee-wee but in some ways it was so appropriate in shaping an artist. When Pee-wee came out at the MTV music awards in 1991 after the arrest the audience erupted in cheers and support for Paul. I loved the character of Pee-wee as a child, sure as you get older you have to ask yourself, what is the story here. Paul's character of Pee-wee herman is beyond what any artist/actor has done in my opinion. He is an absolute legend and has done something truly beyond traditional acting with the character.

Now, the movie, had its low parts. The big hair scene was kind of weird but its what you come to expect from Pee-wee, stuff that is just off kilter and it just works, Pee-wee could get away with any ridiculous scenario and I'd still love it. To me, the balloon scene was absolutely hilarious and I laughed my ass off, maybe I have a tender spot for stupid stuff but I find that stuff to just be total comedy gold. The whole bromance element is so genuinely campy, its like, is this supposed to be a bit of homeroiticism? Just in the same way many wondered about Paul in his personal life and his sexual preferences, which nobody still knows for sure. It definaltly sets a bit of that tone but then keeps it very like child like innocent hilarious and heart warming. Everyone gets so up and arms about suggestiveness and I definaltly wondered but seeing what was done from an artistic perspective is just so genius to me, it just hints on all kinds of innocent flirtyness whether bromance or the romancing between Pee-wee and Bella. How can you not love Pee-wee.

Ultimately , I think it could have been better sure but with it being a netflix film and being the first Pee-wee movie in SOOO long I thought it was amazing. Pee-wee doesn't look old or sound much different, he looks the exact same, its the same heartfelt, silly adventure type scenario we loved from before. I really hope they make more and Pee-wee continues on.

Amazing, the legacy of Pee-wee. Paul's vision and artistry has always been and continues to be just absolutely amazing.