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Inspired by a true story. A star high-school dancer (Bella Thorne) starts using prescription painkillers after a knee injury sidelines her. Feeling isolated, she is adopted by a popular group, which leads to sharing her pills, having regular "pharm" parties and falling in love for the first time. But when her prescription runs out, they resort to buying pills, only to have their lives forever changed when they discover their classmate dealer has been selling them heroin under the guise of being a cheap Mexican painkiller.

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Perfect High movie full length review - Fun movie that brings us through the process of serious addictions in a normal teenagers life

This movie is an excellent depiction of how real addiction can become , even in the most normal teenagers life.

Addiction affects millions of young adults every year and the archaic view of it being an illness brought upon by poor decisions is becoming outdated. The reality is even the most normal person can fall down the wrong path through their peers or just bad circumstances; such as injuries and hardships. As long as the problem is caught early enough, any person can be saved from this devastating path. This movie while fun and light at times, has an incredibly serious under tone that progressively picks up as the movie goes on. I'd recommend this movie to anyone, especially people that may have trouble understanding how fast addiction can corrupt even the most pure of souls.