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Brothers Mike and Jody join family friend Reggie to battle the Tall Man and his evil minions from another dimension, for the final time.

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Phantasm: Ravager movie full length review - Don Coscarelli's Gone Full Lucas *spoilers*

Like many, my expectations were fairly high for this. Not anywhere near to the point of the Evil Dead remake, but I didn't think they could have been so utterly bludgeoned and dragged into the abyss by this horrible film.

This incoherent fever dream of random scenes shambled together to mimic a Phantasm movie (or any, really) fails on so many points, I cannot even fit them here without wasting all of your day reading another negative Phantasm: Ravager review...sorry if I did. Partly my fault, of course, for not reading more of them before going to see it in theaters. I certainly would have staved off had I looked at the director's credentials and realized he was the mastermind behind the Animated Adventurers Jackie Chan and Winnie the Goddamned Pooh. Funny and ironically, Robert Rodriguez - who has proved the ability to shift between adult-oriented gory material and kids movies - is apparently taking on the next Johnny Quest movie. My main issue is not about the budget or bad special/technical effects, nor the dialogue or any of aspects. That's really not what I look for in a Sci-Fi/Horror cult B-movie sequel, just something quite basic which leads to my question. So without getting into a debate of theoretical physics and multiverse theories - I ask what was the plot? If it was to find Mike, the movie would have ended in about 15 minutes when his face pops in upside down on the screen. If it was to stop the Tall Man, as it usually is, the movie completely subverts this with repeated emphasis that his presence is great in number as is each dimension so blowing him up with with a midget-bomb does absolutely nothing; so what's the point to all of this? It's as if by the third or fourth installment, Don Coscarelli got bored with the same formula so he started pulling sh*t out of nowhere to either change it up a bit or fill in time. Ravager is somehow worse than the previous film, and all that was was Reggie driving and Mike sitting in a desert contemplating suicide with chopped up B-roll from the first film for filler. Nothing happens. It's such negligence (or maybe disdain) by Coscarelli as a creator that he'd agree to his series subjected to this, even more to put his name on it. I'm aware he did not direct this, but if you can ensure even an ounce of care and effort that showed in "Jon Dies at the End" (just a few years prior) is put into this, then maybe your franchise won't end with something that comes off as a fan-made tribute with the original cast. If Oblivion jumped the shark for ways to add to Phantasm, this movie nuked the fridge to space and back. Speaking of the original cast, I have absolutely no nostalgic value for seeing Rocky and the Tall Man's female disguise return. I enjoyed Reggie's quips here and there, but nothing cheer-worthy. The exception is Angus Scrimm, probably the only reason I gave this and additional rating. I had the pleasure of meeting him at a Mad Monster convention prior to end this year and I have to say, for a man who can barely walk or stand, he gave an incredible final performance as Tall Man, and this is a fan who prefers the silent stalking antagonist earlier on in the series. If there's any reason at all I could muster to see this, it would be him. Unless you're such a huge fan you make an edit of only his scenes and share! To everyone who scoffs and says "you don't get it", pull your head out of your ass. This isn't a Christopher Nolan script we're talking about, it's a lazy excuse to jump from one point of the movie to the next. "How do we get Reggie, a deceased Jody, a severely wounded Mike all back together and in all these places from where the last one ended?", "I know, dimension hopping!" I really do wish it was some thought-provoking short story about a dementia-addled senior battling his imagination, probably would have been funnier too. I'm not surprised or complaining about the ending at all, because "tying things off" isn't what Phantasm has done, ever. Reggie's final words do point out why I think this was made though, or at least why they all agreed to do it. He's just "so appreciative to be back" with them all. I can't say that I feel the same though. Rather, I feel bad for everyone, especially for the late Tall Man himself. If you want to watch a movie about a senior's struggle to return and battle evil, watch Bubba Ho-Tep; that is before its (now dreaded) prequel. Just my opinion though...