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Two brothers barely scrape by as their father continues to gamble and drink away the money they do bring home. They hatch a plan for a robbery but at what price?

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Phantom Halo movie full length review - It's a very good film, better than many films

It's a very good film, better than many films "Sam" is growing up The story is about brothers Samuel and Beckett Emerson long ago found a way to keep their family afloat despi

te their drunken father's nasty gambling habit: While Samuel distracts crowds of passerby with his Shakespearian monologues, Beckett, a master pickpocket, makes his way through the unsuspecting crowd. And then their small, impoverished world crumbles when their father gets in over his head with a dangerous loan shark. Shakespeare and petty thievery are abandoned for Samuel's belief in the super powers of his comic book hero, Phantom Halo, and Beckett's friend's ability to counterfeit the perfect $100 note. Suddenly, the small- time world as the Emerson family knew it is turned upside down as the brothers do all they can to break free from the mud that traps them.