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Vira is a mad genius who is deeply love struck on Anaya. Faced with utter rejection from the love of his life, he creates a breakthrough invention that will cure his loneliness.

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Phuntroo movie full length review - A descent attempt at Sci-fi

The movie revolves around 5 friends in engineering college. The movie Vira (one of the friends) is a supposedly genius computer engineering student who stumbles upon a peculiar gadget designed by one of his professors.

A competition called 'Gadget Day' has the students competing for the best new gadgets meanwhile. Anaya is the college's secretary and a gifted mechanical engineering student who Vira and Nano secretly love. When Anaya rejects his proposal, he goes on to improve the gadget he found and creates an Artificially Intelligent Hologram that resembles both in physical form and voice to Anaya. The story then follows the path of utter chaos when his Nano finds out about Vira's intentions and invention. The movie has a descent concept for a plot. But there are many holes in the story and the build up. Not even one single character has been built in detail which makes the story faded. Also, many scenes are abrupt in their built up and transition. The overall acting is good, especially from Ketaki Mategaokar. The visual effect are also pretty descent. All in all with the concept this movie offers, it could have been many times better. Sadly the movie does not live up to its potential mainly due to the horrible story telling and direction. That being said, considering it as first sci-fi movie in Marathi Film Industry with such visuals the movie can be seen once. Acting - 7/10 Direction - 5/10 Screenplay - 4/10 cinematography - 6/10 Music - 7/10