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The film dealt with the story of an Indian army officer guarding a picket alone in Kashmir, and his friendship with a Pakistani soldier.

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Picket 43 movie full length review - A close to the heart military movie with superlative performances

Picket 43: A great friendship story studded with superlative performances.

Usually, the images of war, fight, shooting and some kinda rough stuff comes to our mind, when we think of an army movie. This is where Major Ravi makes a difference in our imagination with Picket 43, a simple and heart touching movie under the back drop of military.

The movie is all about the friendship between Hari, the Indian soldier at Picket 43, and his Pakistani counterpart. Iam not gonna reveal more as the movie is perfectly trimmed and revelation of anything more with destroy the thrill.

Coming to the making section, Major Ravi, the one who made path-breaking war films in Malayalam Industry, is back in great form. With Joemon T John as DOP, Major Ravi has offered novelty to most of the frames, a different kind of making actually. Scripting too requires applause, especially for the thrilling and crispy presentation of that storyline. The movie starts off slowly and proceeds slowly, only to gain speed in its latter parts. The initial half of movie passed off too simply without offering anything new, but as the movie proceeds, it got more interesting, and ended in an excellent way. Last 30 minutes of the movie was a scream, one really gets goosebumps in those emotional scenes. To be frank, I never expected such a brilliant making from Major Ravi. Kudos ji. This time, he also depicts various scenarios in Pakistan too. Both the lead roles were well balanced.

But, the show stealer was Prithviraj. What a performance man...! That dialogue delivery and performance in the climax sequences was superb.Hari will be a memorable role in his carrier,the actor who is banking on success, has yet another feather on his cap. His selection of characters too require applause. The other notable performance was from Javed Jaffery. Major has got the correct man for this role. Javed was perfect fit in his character. The duo of Javed nd Prithviraj was damn perfect. Renji Panicker is also seen in a good role. Harish Peradi's brief role was also impressive.

The other highlight factor in the film is Cinematography of Joemon T John. Frames were of top class. Even the lighter scenes had shots of great brilliancy. Kudos man. BG Score by Rex Vijayan offered novel approach and songs by Rateesh Vega were greatly impressive. Action sequences were perfect, neither too much nor too less.

The movie was good at its technical side too. Had a rich feel.

Though the family elements were presented well, that actress seemed so dumb. Except for. some forgettable slow pace in the first half, Picket 43 is an excellent movie, which touches the viewer's heart. I didn't know when ma eyes got tears. Damn effective the movie was. There was a huge applause when the movie finised. Mohanlal's narration was also good.

My Rating : 8/10 Don't miss visiting this Picket.

Venue: Prasad's IMAX, Hyderabad. Showtime: 9:45 am( 24/1/2015) Status: 40-45%

_Sooraj Pattazhy