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David Attenborough presents a documentary series exploring how animals meet the challenges of surviving in the most iconic habitats on earth.

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Planet Earth II movie full length review - BBC succeeded in perfection with this one, a truly must watch

Planet Earth II is one of the few TV Series/Documentary that can, somehow, be appreciated by almost all the viewers, no matter their age, sex, religion or perception and ideas about the world.

At the first sight, it may seem to be another nature documentary like others and yes, it is one of those nature documentaries, but it is the best one so far, from almost every single point of view. The viewer ratings don't lie, as you will know after you watch a couple of minutes of any episode of this documentary. Due to the new technology available, such as the 4K/ULTRA HD video & sound format and also thanks to the newest filming equipment and procedures of capturing videos and photos such as the drone-filming, Planet Earth II is far more better than the first Planet Earth. After watching the first series from 2006, it may look impossible now with this new TV Series to present something new and different, in order to capture the audience's attention. It is unbelievable how this new series totally differs from the first one and it really has such a unique and entirely new way of presenting us the beautiful Blue Planet, in a way that can make you burst into tears. To be honest, I was't expecting much when I first found out about the Planet Earth II release. And now, after watching it, I am fully shocked and amazed about how a filming and producing crew can somehow reach perfection in creating such a masterpiece, one of the best documentary of all times. This is a truly and undoubtedly must watch for every single person in this world who has almost one hour of free time to kill for watching one of the episodes.