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Follows the journey of sisters who are believed to possess the supernatural ability to connect with ghosts. They cross paths with a visionary French producer while performing in Paris.

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Planetarium movie full length review - artsy, but disappointing

The movie, despite being beautifully shot, was boring. Natalie Portman and Lilly-Rose Depp were both great in the film, Lilly-Rose Depp especially, but sadly their great acting, and good cinematography, the plot was so boring that I could barely force myself to stay awake.

Covering the story of two sisters who can communicate with the dead, this movie starts with promise. The mystery of their ability, and the stellar performances from the two lead actresses carry you through the first half hour or so, but quickly their good performances are over shadowed by the bad performances from the supporting European actors, most of who were heavily accented and clearly didn't speak french as their first language. I waited over an hour in pouring rain at TIFF to see this film and regret every second of time wasted waiting and watching. Do not recommend this movie for anyone