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A serial killer is purposely released from an asylum for the criminally insane so that he can continue his rampage.

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Playing with Dolls movie full length review - I'm not sure what I just watched...was that a movie???

I'm attracted to bad movies, not because I like to trash them, or disrespect them ( although sometimes I have to admit, I do get enjoyment out of that!

), it's because I am not always convinced that the movie is really that bad. I think horror movies are very difficult to create in a "good" manner, and by that, I am saying that I feel it is very hard to create a good horror movie, simply because there is so much at stake. One of the added pressures to a horror movie, is that your audience is either eager to be scared, or they want to see some pretty decent gore effects. When both those elements go wrong, along with a weak script and terrible acting, and lots of boring sequences going on, we can safely assume the movie sucks, am I wrong? This is the case with Playing With Dolls. First of all, our viewer is going to be raged at the end of watching this, knowing by the time it is all over, that they were 100 percent mislead by the title and the cover art movie poster. See that scary looking guy on the DVD cover? Guess what? He's not that scary in the movie, simply because he isn't doing anything but a lot of walking. Is walking scary? I walk all the time, it's how I transport myself, did somebody find a way to make it bring chills down the spine? If they did, then the frightening aspects do not exist in Playing With Dolls! And, that's another thing, why was the movie called Playing With Dolls? It should have been called Playing With Cameras, because I saw more cameras then dolls! ( The only doll I saw was the Russian actress, oh, what a doll!) Our movie opens up with a pretty graphic kill right off the bat, within the first five minutes. We see a camera embedded in a tree ( what...the...puck?) We see a man viewing what goes on on the footage of the camera. HEY! It's Richard Tyson, remember this guy!? He was the bully in the 1987 classic Three O'Clock High. Wow! Have you climbed the ranks since then? In this dark, twisted, perverted, mind numbing , dumbfounded joke of a film? Why all this is happening, I don't know. I actually had more questions by the time the credits roll at the end, then when I started watching it. By the way, it's only an hour and twenty minutes, but it will feel like you were watching it for at least 2 hours, trust me. Boring, not entertaining, and if your not going to put some money into the production, why bother making a movie at all? Step up the game, folks, were getting just a bit fed up with the low budget, poorly executed montages you have the gall to call "movies."