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A family intervention goes horrifically awry within the snowy confines of an isolated lake house.

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Pod movie full length review - I have a theory

I have a theory on why the credits went by at such incredible speed at the start of the movie: Everyone involved with this movie was embarrassed by it and didn't want their names mentioned more then they had to.

The characters: The constant arguing between the brother and sister was just irritating. From the beginning we get it that Ed is an asshole, obviously; and we also get that Lyla is very hard to get along with. For whatever reason these two have a horrible relationship. Fine. Got it. But the constant back and forth, the constant screaming, the constant bickering, the constant everything between the two just got down right annoying.

The only character I actually some what enjoyed for a brief second was Martin. At least that character was somewhat watchable. Yes, he want on tangent rants about god knows what; but he did it in a way that kept you focused and interested, at least for more than ten seconds.

The cast: Easily the worst cast I have ever seen together. Again, the only one who did a decent job was Brian Morvant playing Martin; but even he got hard to listen to after a while. He does play crazy well, and both his facial expressions, and his body language played into his character.

Lauren Ashley Carter has the worst scream, and the worst cry, EVER. They were both very monotone and obviously fake. Her crying scene played on way longer than it should have; however, even if the scene lasted two seconds, it would still sound obnoxious.

Both Dean Cates and Larry Fessenden put on horrible performances as well. There is a difference between acting and over acting, and they are prime examples of the latter.

The story: Seriously, what is POD about? I am all for not giving out all the information and leaving some things to the imagination; but, please, pleaseeeee, give us something. The poster makes it look like an alien movie; even the ending of the movie kind of alluded to that fact; but I need more than that. I need to be given something to at least point me in some kind of direction.

Maybe I'm a gluten for horrible movies on Netflix. I can't highly suggest against watching this movie enough.