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Legendary filmmaker Sam Raimi and director Gil Kenan reimagine and contemporize the classic tale about a family whose suburban home is invaded by angry spirits. When the terrifying apparitions escalate their attacks and take the youngest daughter, the family must come together to rescue her.

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Poltergeist movie full length review - Not as good as the original, and also not a good poltergeist movie

The first time I heard that a new Poltergeist movie was being made, I started to wonder how could someone try to remake such a wonderful classic, how could someone think they could make something better than that?

When I read (here) that Sam Raimi was the producer, I was still skeptical, but created some hopes about this movie. Unfortunately, watching it, those hopes were shattered.

The original movie is about 3 main things: Family, the poltergeist phenomena, and horror. This new version has almost none of that! In the original you have a family in perfect harmony, all loving each other, they have a prosper life, and all is well for years until the events start to happen. When they do, the entire family is involved, and all of them helps to find answers and rescue the missing family member, through the horror that is happening. Their love for each other is what protects them, and is their main weapon against the poltergeist. Important scenes, like Diana showing Steve the chair moving in the kitchen, or their kiss before she goes to "the other side", are all missing in this one. You have very little warning to what is to come, unlike the original one, and the mother and the father didn't saw anything unusual before their girl disappeared. I wonder how they found out that she went inside the closet, since nothing had happened there, except that they found her little "pigcorn" there. If I was the father, I would be terrified that my youngest was missing, and would call the police immediately, because the only "weird" thing I saw would be the voice on the TV, that could easily be my imagination (the only new TV the world that does no show "no signal" in a black screen, it still shows static like the 80's TVs). But not they, they almost didn't care that she was missing. Actually, in a scene, the father says that they have too many kids, and the mother says they should have stopped at 2. After a weird dialogue about not calling the police, they call paranormal researchers, and the movie gets a little better. Still, no good explanation about what a poltergeist is, about what is happening, and how to rescue the girl. And still, no horror, no family love.

Besides that, I believe that the creators of this movie wanted to put some of the important scenes of the original one in it, but changing them so it don't look like a totally rip-off. They did that, but not catching the essence of those scenes. Examples: you have the clown, actually lots of weird clowns, but only for a few seconds in total, and it was very lame. The girl is not sucked into the closet trying to avoid it with all her strength, instead she walks into it willingly. The place was a cemetery, but only a secret to the family, everybody else knows it and is happy living there. Happy family having a breakfast together doesn't exist here, they prefer to fight over an iphone. Also, no spirits passing trough the living room. Moving objects by itself are very rare, only the clowns, a baseball, some comic books and a chair, nothing of that all-alive kids bedroom.

So, to conclude, in the end we have a movie that does not explain the poltergeist phenomena, the family is totally dysfunctional (the only one who seems to care is the boy for his younger sister), and no horror at all, I was more scared watching Mama (2013) then this one. This movie looks more like a kids adventure (not my words), then a horror or paranormal movie. It is not a bad movie, the actors are OK (could have been better), there are some good scenes (like the drone going to the other side), and people who got scared watching those Paranormal Activity movies will be terrified watching this. My vote for it is a not solid 7, I was gonna give it a 6, but the closet scene with the power drill gave the extra point to it. So, if you want to watch a good movie about the poltergeist subject, go watch the original. If you need to kill time in a lazy afternoon, watch this one. If you want to get scared, the original one is the only movie that still does that for me.