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James, down on his luck and desperate for some quick cash, agrees to drive a small truck across country. He soon realizes that he's made a huge mistake and has inadvertently become involved in a dangerous human trafficking ring. The unlikely hero risks it all to shut down the trafficking ring and save the woman he is falling in love with.

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Priceless movie full length review - Founder of Christian Worship Channel (Brenton Shows)

Priceless the movie covered an extremely powerful topic 'that truly isn't discussed much' in a beautiful, poetical, and gritty angle.

I haven't experienced a movie with such power in it. I myself am a desired filmmaker. I view myself has someone who wants to learn more about film. I want to place a film in theaters.

Joel Smallbone, Luke Smallbone, and Ben Smallbone have truly inspired me through this film. Inspired is not the correct word. Changed. Impacted. and have Transformed the way I think because of this film.

It is shot beautifully. Edited seamlessly. and Directed and produced with this gritty style to it. I myself am so encouraged and cannot wait to see what is next.

I truly will follow after their mark they have left behind for me.

I hope one day, one of them would reach out and mentor me.

I don't just want to learn the film process, I want to experience it from the ones who have done it themselves. I want to collaborate. Grow. Create. Make stuff happen.

All for the Glory of Jesus Christ God Almighty.