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Valerie Graves, a misanthropic, disillusioned woman in her mid-twenties, is haunted by sadistic urges that she has struggled to repress since childhood.

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Primordial movie full length review - Eric Widing introduces us to a character's horrifying downward spiral

This is writer/director Eric Widing's second full feature film. The first, Hellhounds, was a unique film that assaulted the senses with wide use of color and sound.

In Primordial, Widing still makes use of sound to assault the senses but makes beautiful use of black and white for serene nature scenes. It was unique to see some of the high paced action with heavy metal music lead into these beautiful, serene scenes shot in black and white.

Widing does a spectacular job with the writing and directing. Widing stated a lot of his inspiration came from things that have happened to him, that he's heard has happened, or that he's dreamed. There is a particular scene that he stated in the commentary was inspired by a dream which is truly horrifying for the viewer. The writing itself is very down-to-earth and the casual conversations felt like something friends would normally have.

The actors were phenomenal with Marylee Osborne portraying a woman, Valerie, who is already down and out of luck finally getting to act out her darkest fantasies and going on a downward spiral into deeper alcoholism. Erin Ryan portrays Tina, one of Valerie's closest friend, who is going through some trouble herself which gives Valerie something to hold onto for majority of the film. Adam Clevenger is Tayshawn, a gangster that upon first meeting appears to be a stereotype but soon shows how well developed his character is. Clevenger brilliantly describes and performs horrendous acts with no remorse.

Widing also inserted several easter eggs for fans of the various indie films from Ohio that the fans will get excited to see.

Overall an excellent film that is highly recommended!