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Self made millionaire Rolando Dominguez (Carlos Guerrero) could not resist the tempting pleasures that came with his success and now finds himself homeless, demented, and tormented by flashbacks of his regretful mistakes and broken promises to his missing son Rollie (Carlos Guerrero Jr.). Rolando struggles with his guilt as he faces the harsh reality that the fortune he worked for in his pursuit of happiness is the very thing that has destroyed his life... Meanwhile Detective Stevens (Steven Bauer - Scarface, Ray Donovan) has vowed to bring Rollie back home to his desperate mother Vanessa (Carmen Lopez) who’s six month agony has led her to question her faith while clinging on to the last bit of hope to see her son again.

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Promises movie full length review - Great little heart felt story

I saw the movie during a red carpet screening. Although this isn't a Hollywood backed production I thought the movie was shot well and the sound and music were excellent.

The lead character played by Carlos Guerrero is very powerful. I can't even imagine what Carlos went through to prepare himself for this highly challenging role. His passion obviously drives the movie and all the other actors give solid performances. Each character is unique and even the small amounts of comedy sprinkled throughout the movie are well balanced and only add to the contrast of the heavy emotionally toll the movie delivers. If you're looking for a powerful, colorful, small town feel, heart felt story then I full recommend you break out the popcorn and box of tissues. The bond between Carlos and his real son who acted in the movie is felt and makes this project even more special. The soundtrack also rocks and gives it its special homegrown feel.