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18-year old Jesse Winters, also know as The Butcher, was put to death in Louisiana for committing 23 grisly murders. There was no doubt that he was killer, the question was why? His mother, Kate, claimed that Jesse was possessed by a demon that drove him to fiendish brutality. Now, for the first time on film, Kate will attempt to prove her theories and clear her son's name by inviting a demon to invade her body. Sit back and prepare to watch the unimaginable. That screaming you hear? It's probably your own.

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Proof of the Devil movie full length review - Just terrible...

I created my IMDb account with the sole intention of reviewing this film. It is without doubt the worst film I've ever seen.

Everything from the script, to the acting, production values, sound effects, camera work, literally everything, reminds me of something a high school student would turn in as a homework project. It is really low quality, cringe worthy, amateur stuff. If I could give it zero stars I would. Some of the acting is laughable, to the point where almost feels like a comedy parody of a horror film. There is a point where it feels like it could turn into a bit of a Paranormal Activity rip-off, but it never happens.The best thing about this film is that it is only about an hour and ten minutes long, so it's over relatively quickly.