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Seven strangers try to survive in the aftermath of a devastating outbreak. They must band together to escape from an isolated Los Angeles that has been hit by a virus that dramatically alters infected humans.

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Quarantine L.A. movie full length review - Painful to watch

Really just a waste of time. The acting is incredibly stiff, I even found myself prompting the actors with their lines, it's so predictable.

The score is incredibly cheesy and obviously put together by a student filmmaker. The timing is horrible, the actors lines being delivered too soon or too late in almost every scene. Glaringly obvious mistakes and bloopers throughout. I was going to point some out but I'd be here all day. The story did not flow, make any sense or engage the audience. I actually found myself rooting for the 'infected' just to kill off some of the more disappointing leads. I honestly think that the positive reviews on here are planted by the friends/relatives of the actors and producers because it's just that bad. Wooden acting. Poor score. Mediocre story. Don't bother.