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Forced onto the streets in her 50s, Mimi found "home" at a Santa Monica laundromat. Taking shelter there for 20 years, Mimi's passion for pink, and living without looking back, has taken her from homelessness to Hollywood's red carpets. This is the fascinating and moving story of one incredibly strong woman’ s survival against all odds.

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Queen Mimi movie full length review - Touching & Uplifting

A moving documentary about the secret life of a local homeless woman, filmed with humanity and genuine curiosity. Rokah shows us that everybody has a story and is much more than who they appear to be.

That is the lasting lesson from this film. To pay attention to the humanity of those around us because you never know. Of course Mimi herself is such an inspiration, what a feisty lady! The heart of this film is really golden and memorable. Especially in America, where homelessness is a huge problem, and so many of us step right over or past a homeless person but in Queen Mimi, Rokah patiently and over a long period of time, by interviewing those all around Mimi and Mimi herself, teases out the life of this woman with a goal of revealing the life behind this feisty local homeless woman to show us a woman who has transcended some real hardship. We need more films by Rokah.