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A young girl overcomes her disadvantaged upbringing in the slums of Uganda to become a Chess master.

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Queen of Katwe movie full length review - More than I expected... More than just Chess

I went to see this movie thinking I'll watch a movie about Chess, but that was an emotional roller coaster about life, and its challenges. Lupita Nyongo , and David Oyelowo were not just acting, you could see how they took possession of their characters for 2 hours.

Did "Hoosiers" make you cry? "Queen of Katwe" will wreck you. Coming from Africa, this movie relate more to me, but I believe anybody will feel touched by it. Whenever non African make a movie about Africa, you can see a lot of misrepresented things that tells you the movie was made just by a tourist, but Queen of Katwe is an American film about Africa that doesn't feel like it was made by tourists. Nair knows better. She has deep roots in Uganda, and they've given her enough experience and insight that she's able to treat Katwe's residents as people first, and parts of a familiar narrative second.

If you are still deciding whether to see it or not, stop reading reviews here, and just go to watch this amazing movie.