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A chronicle of Gertrude Bell's life, a traveler, writer, archaeologist, explorer, cartographer, and political attaché for the British Empire at the dawn of the twentieth century.

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Queen of the Desert movie full length review - Very inaccurate, plain Hollywood Sinbad Style!

Could be a reasonably good movie but suffered from hasty character development, incoherent story, nonsense incidents and very poor production. Let's see how

1. We have an adventurous girl, Doesn't want to get married and is sent to British embassy in Tehran, Iran. Here comes the big initial blow. Tehran is not a tropical or even subtropical city, there are no palm trees in Tehran. Very few scenes are depicting the actual city and in those rare scenes, people wearing Keffiyeh (Arabic hat) which is not worn in Iran. Also the architecture was Arabic/north African. Before delivering such an incorrect historical image to audience, The producer could go on Youtube and watch some period Iranian movies and Mini-series such as Hezardastan to get the feel of Iran and Tehran in that period. They could also negotiate to use the existing Old- Tehran prop in Iran for accurate production and I saw no reason for Iranian officials to deny such request as the movie had no anti-Iranian content.

2. So she began to learn Farsi, good for her but Farsi is known to be a hard language for foreigners, takes years to be learnt as second language. It belongs to Indo-European language branch and is fundamentally different than Arabic. So she wishes to learn Farsi, then he jumps into Arabic countries venturing into deserts? If you are in love with Farsi and Persian Poems and you wish to learn Farsi in that purpose, you normally wonder in Iran which is mountains and woods with some areas of Desert not as vast as deserts in Arabic countries. So either the real historical figure had mental instability or the director assumed one can jump from Farsi to Arabic!

3. She literally is jumping from Iran to the Arabian desert. We see no transformation.

4. Bedouin tribes have no respect for women, they rape before they say hi! Yet she wonders among them without any support from British military gaining their respect... really???

5. We see that the squeezed T.E.Lawrence into the movie. We have no reference of this lady in Lawrence Of Arabia movie yet in this movie Lawrence plays a reasonably major role. If Gertrude Bell was an important historical figure, there would have been a reference of her in Lawrence movie, so I assume she was not!

6. British Arab whatever headquarter in Cairo looks like a modern oriental themed hotel and I guess it really is! The producer did not even think for a moment that how a British establishment would have looked in those days!

Shortcomings of the movie are huge and movie has no message, no goal, just a plain narrative of an obscure supposed to be real figure. NOT RECOMMENDED!