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An unlikely team of activists and innovators hatches a bold mission to save endangered species.

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Racing Extinction movie full length review - Humanity Makes Me Sick

Serious questions were exposed in this documentary, even if they are already known, but two most important one wasn't even made: Do we need to be saved? Are we even trying hard for it?

All the questions made on it about our seemingly inevitable extinction, has two common factors: money and humanity. What we do about it? Never seen documented.

The movie is pretty linear and simple, with some groups of activists and they defend different causes in order to one objective in common: a belief that what they do will save mankind. And we travel with them through their works on trying that. The locations and some images are fantastic, with an okay cinematography but a poor editing, IMHO.

Don't get me wrong, I believe in their work. The cruelty with the animals is insane, and it shames me to think we're capable of that (and even more). They do a very good job in the demonization of great companies and the ordinary fisherman who's trying to feed their family, but the message is passed like a religion: "Look what we are doing? Be ashamed of it, hate yourself and get sick of you. But if you want to save this, it'll save mankind, because what we are doing is the way to do it".

I think it's incredible how they make us empathize not only with their cause, but with the animals and specially, the mother nature. Some of them die for the cause, they really believe on it, and it's inspiring. We feel earth's loneliness, pain, despair, anger, sadness. All of this through their words and their emotions, with a very nice work on the soundtrack. But this show, to me, what I think it's a bad thing: some of them look unable to connect with human beings. They just can't.

There are heroes doing an undercover job for the ones who are lazy or don't brave enough to risk everything for it. And they are doing an important job. They are trying to correct things the humanity choose, trying to save us from an almost imminent ending. And they can be right, but they need to remember two questions: Do we need to be saved? Are we even trying hard for it?