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American and British friends studying in Finland decide to take up an offer to travel to the Arctic Circle and experience the mysterious, pagan celebration of Midsummer's Eve.

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Rage: Midsummer's Eve movie full length review - probably not the worst off all movies i've ever watched, but still pretty bad...

I'm gonna try to be brief - and what I have to say most likely contains a spoiler or two. This movie was bad. Pretty bad. Not bad in a potential cult-status-kind-of-way but seriously bad.

The acting was sub-mediocre, the actors seemed impassive and except for the occasional standard-scare-scene there was no arc of suspense whatsoever.

The "culprit" of the movie was never explained, it might be a cannibal-Mowgli, some kind of yeti, a zombie, a sect, an ordinary serial killer, aliens... well, it might be just about everything. And that's a bad thing. The only thing it makes you wonder about, is, what they were even thinking when making this film.

Spoiler: Furthermore, the decisions the characters made were even more illogical than in the average cheap horror-flick. For instance, there's this woman that lost her entire family to the rapist-cannibal-demon-Mowgli, and who leads them to her shelter. In the night, she wakes up totally confused, crying, babbling about "what the main characters did do her family" and threatening them with a knife. Yea, you could probably overwhelm her and wait for her to calm down and regain her senses. Or you overwhelm her and stab her with her own knife. In the Stomach. Relentlessly about 25 times. That makes a hell of a lot of sense. Not.

If this movie had been a project by filmography-students in their first semester, I would've probably given it a 6/10 - for managing to fill 90 minutes without condescending to XXX-scenes. But the way it is, it's just bad entertainment.