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16-year-old Kelly quits an elite gymnastics program and moves to Australia. To help out a new friend and show up an old rival she re-enters competitive gymnastics, she'll have to find a way to move forward while making amends with her past.

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Raising the Bar movie full length review - First-Class

This movie was incredible. An action packed, well-shot and acted, humorous and creative adventure movie fit for all ages, I would highly recommend.

A great cast, including Kelli Berglund, Emily Morris and Jack Tomich, really captured the essence of their characters in a stellar performance. Cinematography was beautiful and the variety of shots/transitions was truly outstanding. Not too fond of the upside-down birds eye view shots, but whatever floats your boat. Some scenes dragged on a little, so perhaps that's something to work on for next time. Definitely looking forward to the third in the series. 1hr 33 well spent.