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A mother must protect her family on Christmas Day from a demented stranger who is hell bent on tearing them apart.

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Red Christmas movie full length review - Pretty good Slasher film !!

I'm a SLASHER maniac, and Christmas movies are always fun. I enjoyed RED Christmas from the beginning till the end, ans we have to give credit to the beautiful ans talented DEE WALLACE who give another TOUR DE FORCE performance.

I really envoyed seeing her, and i think she's a fantastic Scream Queen. But beside all that, that little movie, shot in 15 days has a real soul, and i really appreciate the way they used the light in the film. For me, it's an instant Christmas Classic that i'll buy and watch every years in the Holiday beside GREMLINS and BLACK Christmas. If you like 80 Slashers films, and if you felt in love with DEE WALLACE since your childhood (E.T, or HOWLING), you'll have a great time.