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REPARATION is a powerful psychological thriller that swirls like a funnel cloud around Bob Stevens -- a small-town farmer with a three-year hole in his memory. When a mysterious stranger, Jerome, shows up claiming to have been his best friend in the Air Force Police, Bob's peaceful existence begins to unravel from the outside in. Bob's entire family is caught in the storm -- but none more than Bob's eight year-old daughter, Charlotte, who discovers that she might hold the key to conjuring Bob's forgotten past. As Charlotte comes to learn, "every time something happens that knocks us out of balance, we try doing something that will knock us back in..." That universal theme of balance is the soul of REPARATION.

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Reparation movie full length review - Indie Lover's Wet Dream

Writer/Director Kyle Ham has done the near-impossible.

He has produced an indie thriller with (generally) unknown actors that, pound for pound and frame for frame, can hold its own with the A-list productions.

No small feat.

The script is a nice, deft, turn on the "amnesia" thrillers that were very popular in the 1940s but have been somewhat overlooked in more recent years.

The cast is generally excellent. Jon Huertas practically steals all his scenes, projecting at the same time a genuine since of menace yet somehow couched in that aura of "well meaning" that we usually see only from master villains in a Bond film. Amazing acting. Half the time the viewer wants to shoot him, half the time the viewer is sympathetic towards him.

Virginia Newcomb has an interesting "Amy Adams" vibe and holds her own. Even the "hullucinatory" character (played by young Brody Behr) brings a sense of gravitas to a very brief role.

Recommended. Highly.