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The government cover-up of the causes behind a massive explosion in a futuristic UK metropolis spur photo journalist Jennifer Preston on to search for the truth and in the process blow open a paranormal phenomenon haunting the city.

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Residue movie full length review - Netflix: where aborted series go to die

Executive summary: DO NOT WATCH "Residue"! If you do watch it, it will be nothing more than Netflix taking advantage of you. It's not even a real movie or a decently fleshed out series.

"Residue" is nothing more nor less than an aborted series which has been "repackaged".

Apparently Netflix sees aborted series' as an opportunity and seems to be going about, scraping the gory pieces out of the biohazard bucket, rinsing them off, stuffing them in an old, dirty paper bag, writing "Programming" on it and then flinging it at your screen in the belief that you won't notice that this is exploitive return for your subscription dollar. To my way of thinking, this is what it looks like when a corporate video giant engages in evil practices. It's the same thing they did with "Parallels", also on Netflix. It's Netflix buying leftover video pig slop as cheaply as possible and shoving that at us instead of legitimate programming.

And so this is not really a review. It's more of a warning, because "Residue" does not possess the collection of elements necessary to qualify as a movie or a series or any other coherent, video "thing" on which one might potentially hang an actual review. All one can really do is say a bunch of disjointed things "about" it.

"Residue" was supposed to be a "web series" of two seasons of 12 episodes each with each episode being about 10 minutes long. By that calculation it would seem that "Residue" made it through about one season's worth of filming and then simply quit..."with everything that implies" in terms of a viewing experience. If you'd like to have the same worthless experience but save a lot of time, just watch the first 12 minutes of any movie that's in a language you don't know and then shut it off. Never mind missing the satisfaction of a resolution; you won't really have a full understanding of what you DID watch. And so it is with "Residue".

Attempting to end this on a positive note, I would say that it did look like the "Residue" series had promise. The production values were good, there were recognizable actors in it which acquitted themselves satisfactorily, and the "monsters" or "supernatural beings" or what ever they were (because we have no idea WHAT they were because we didn't GET that far?) were mildly interesting; they were those wavy clouds of black, CGI particle physics that is so popular nowadays. Nothing innovative but at least adequate.

So? YOU SHOULD ABSOLUTELY NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO, and Netflix should stop pulling this kind of crap. It's really unforgivable.