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In the small town of Ottawa, Illinois, where a rumor can spread like the plague and nobody's business is their own, six friends decide to change their weekly routine of watching movies in the basement and talking shit, to go out for a night on the town. On most nights this wouldn't be that taxing. But tonight isn't most nights. With rumors of the police commissioner's alleged disappearance circulating, and the mayor enacting a strict curfew, it doesn't take long for things to spiral out of control and the whole town to go mad. Is it just hysteria? Is it a curse? Is it Abraham Lincoln's fault? Nobody knows. But for the gang, only one thing is certain. They should have NEVER left the basement.

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River City Panic movie full length review - It was okay

It was okay. The movie had a beginning. It also had a middle. I guess it had an end as well. There were people acting in the movie. It was also made with a camera. so thats cool.

I would probably watch it again. It was definitely better than Bird Man. That movie was terrible. Bird man is about a crazy old washed up man with ptsd or something and the camera follows him around the whole time. I think edward norton was in it? He makes a play because he is depressed or something. That one red head actress was in it too, except her hair was blonde this time, that was lame. Halfway through the movie Bird boy gets even crazier and looses his mind. He does a play like 10 times but for some reason each time it plays its never for an actual premier... like what? Its not really a premier if like 600 people have seen it. Movie was garbage.