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Summertime and the living is deadly! Abner Pastoll channels AND SOON THE DARKNESS and MUMSY, NANNY, SONNY & GIRLY with his tense thriller feature debut set in rural France that touches every twisted nerve. When hitchhiker Jack rescues Véronique from a road rage altercation, the twosome decide to travel together for safety’s sake after learning a serial killer is cutting a murderous swathe through the region. Tired and hungry, they decide against their better judgment to take up an offer to stay the night at a mysterious elderly couple’s mansion…

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Road Games movie full length review - Can you speak French? If not, consider yourself forewarned.

What to say about this movie? Hmmm... I want to review it, but I can't even do that properly. It had an air of intrigue about it to begin with and I found myself enjoying it for about the first third, however, I unfortunately don't speak French.

German? Yes. Italian and Indonesian? Just the basics, but no French. When a large portion of the dialogue began to occur in a language that I don't speak, I found myself flicking through the options of my player trying to discern whether I'd accidentally turned off the subtitles or had myself a defective copy. Only now and after watching the movie in full, I find that there were deliberately no subtitles and that this was somehow supposed to increase the tension and atmosphere. In my case, that did not work. Not at all. In fact, I spent most of the rest of the movie wondering if I was missing much of the plot and should turn it off or continue to the end and hope that the dialogue returns to mostly English at some point. Either way, I was completely disengaged from the film and that is a very bad thing. Normally I'd not give it a second thought, as I have seen many movies with dialogue in foreign languages that do not contain subtitles, but the difference here is the SHEER AMOUNT of movie that is spoken in French that made me zone out and spend more time focused on trying to fix my subtitles than actually watching the film because I thought that surely something was wrong. In retrospect, I would have done well to have researched it first, so perhaps the onus is on myself. Sad face.

I'm giving it a 4 out of 10 because I enjoyed it for what I was able to comprehend. I liked the story, I loved the scenery and the acting... er... well, I can't even accurately comment on that because I don't even know how to rate the acting and dialogue of somebody I can't understand. The English-speaking parts seemed above par for a horror/thriller, I guess.

So I'm warning you in advance, either learn how to speak French or have a friend there to translate the dialogue for you, otherwise, you'll simply drift off wondering what in heck is going on.

EDIT - Another user has since contacted me to say that there were, in fact, subtitles. I'm leaving this review up, however, as that does not appear to be the case with all copies. The DVD I watched had only French subtitles, not English, and said user did not specify either way which language subtitles he was referring to. I suppose checking in advance would be the prudent thing to do.