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Martial law reigns over the city. On a routine check for terrorist activity in a high-rise apartment building, Hawkins, a capable police officer, and Argus, her heavily armoured android partner, stumble on a transaction they assume is the illegal narcotic fleck. But then, strange things begin to happen to the building and its residents.

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Robot Revolution movie full length review - Where's The Revolution???

"Robot Revolution" ranks as an abominable sci-fi thriller that has an interesting premise but suffers from pedestrian production values and amateur acting.

In the near future, a blond Mobile Infantry Police woman, Constable Hawkins (Virginia Logan), with her anonymous android partner prowl a New Jersey apartment block to arrest notorious terrorist Damien Roth. They fail to find Roth. Instead, they locate a diminutive, bespectacled nerd of a woman who has concocted a lethal weapon that features nanobots. Vaguely, "Prometheus Trap" director Andew Bellware and "Boom Boom Dolls" scenarist Steve J. Niles draw on Michael Crichton's bestseller "Prey" and the big screen flop "Dredd." These two frequent sci-fi collaborators must be rabid fans of John Carpenter because "Robot Revolution" contains most of the earmarks of an early Carpenter classic. This 84-minute sci-fi film takes place in a contemporary society with next to no futuristic equipment. The most impressive example is a monstrous robot cleaner that resembles a gigantic insect, not a very practical robot but an atmospheric addition. Our plucky heroine recalls Snake Plissken with her black eye patch and outfit. Did I mention she totes a mighty big pistol? Bellware confines the action to one apartment building with endless roving exterior shots of the edifice. The nanobots infiltrate all the machinery, and eventually infect most of the humans in the apartment block. The infected humans behave like zombies; they bleed from the mouth and the nostrils, but they don't bleed enough to be remotely disgusting. One of the most irritating things about "Robot Revolution" is the horrible cinematography. Even when no machines are present, such as when we are shown the building exteriors, everything appears botched, with horizontal lines streaking the picture, as if there was something affecting the equipment. This lackluster movie boasts minimal surprises, and its bare-bones budget and lack of invention hampers it. Nothing about any of the characters make them sympathetic or antagonistic. In other words, you don't have reason to root for the heroine or hate the villains. The widescreen compositions aren't bad, but the characters are nothing memorable, especially the robot. As usual, there a lot of exposition, but most of it is incoherent. Only die-hard sci-fi fans may salvage something from this nonsense. If you're looking for a gory, shoot'em up saga with lots of profanity and nudity, you will definitely be disappointed by this one.