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Janie is an ambitious student who dreams of a better life. Dee is a gorgeous socialite who dreams of a rich husband. They're already not the best of friends...or the best of roommates. But when Janie gets the opportunity of a lifetime, Dee becomes the roommate from hell as she desperately tries to destroy Janie's life. It's an all out girl-war, leaving a ROOMMATE WANTED.

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Roommate Wanted movie full length review - Cat Fight - Out Of The Blue

This movie is all about simple cat fight which turns into a violent one. The entire movie is about a day, and it was so bizarre.

Things are happening without any sequence. One moment one girl showing something or doing something that irritates the other person, next moment she amends that or apologize. And it goes vice versa throughout the film. Which does not make any sense at all.

Now about the acting only main two girls acting was tolerable but the acting of the rest of the cast looks like they are the relatives of the producer or the director. Talk about overacting and silly expressions, they were expert on that. But at the end where the intense scene was taking place, there the main two actresses' acting became pretty sloppy too. And the ending, it is the best worst part of the movie. In the final scene both actresses depicted worst acting skill ever, their achievement throughout the film falls apart in this scene, you will agree with me if you watch the movie. But I highly recommend you to avoid the film unless you are into cat fights.

I am giving the movie 3 stars only because the efforts the two main character put into the movie.