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Ruby Strangelove Young Witch: When Ruby, a young witch discovers her long lost mother was abducted by evil forces she sets out to use all her magical powers to get her back.

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Ruby Strangelove Young Witch movie full length review - Your kids will thank you, especially if they're home off school

I have never been moved to write a review but the silence here is an enormous disservice to this charming little fantasy. Really, no reviews, no comments and only sixteen votes. It can't be a coincidence that the two highest ratings were from guys my age. May be we're getting broody.

This was definitely a kid's film but it dealt with adult issues - things like envy and betrayal and bullying. The main character is a plucky.eight-year-old girl being brought up by her dad, played by the incredibly handsome Ed Stoppard, after her mother vanished on the night Ruby was born. Consequently, for reasons we're not going to go into, Ruby had to arrange an inter-dimensional portal to facilitate a swap of people between this Earth and its parallel. I only mention this because the event to facilitate this is a school Battle of the Bands and this leads me to the most charming aspect of the movie, the sweet songs Ruby and her band, The Misfits, play.

Honestly, people, as a feel-good movie, this is a very safe bet.