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A single mom tries to break free from a mysterious organization that has abducted her.

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Rupture movie full length review - Stay away

I don't want to give a spoiler, but let me say that the plot is completely derivative. The "science" is not even bad enough to laugh at.

The acting is uniformly shlocky, as if the actors watched the worst horror movies and copied all the moves. Is Noomi Rapace completely dreadful? Honestly, no, but she can't save this dud. Do yourself a favor and pound some nails into your hand, or watch the complete oeuvre of Caspar van Dien, instead of this movie. At least you wouldn't have the pain of completely failed expectations. I would put this movie at about on par with the recent Flytrap, and just slightly better than ISRA88. If you know those films, you will get my meaning.