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A single mom tries to break free from a mysterious organization that has abducted her.

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Rupture movie full length review - Not worth the effort

Firstly let me say that I watch hundreds of movies every year. I like to give any film the benefit of the doubt until the end. After resisting coming onto IMDb for so long, i had to join to let people know about this.

Simply put... This is not a good movie, you should be going elsewhere.

So many times during the plot I felt like the movie led me to believe it was about to kick up a notch from creepy music and promises, and then the lead actress just rolls over again and again and doesn't do anything. Just once she gets a bit of courage and does something brave, and this fizzles out too.

The ending left me feeling really disappointed, as that is where they could have saved the movie with a bit of action. But it all built up to nothing at all.

The actress was poor. The characters felt mismatched and unlikely. The acting was robotic. The plot twists were pointless and empty. The pseudo-science was not believable. The ending was flat.

After watching this I think my worst fear that could cause me to evolve would be to sit through this movie on repeat in a room I couldn't get out of. That could possibly make me scream...