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After a devastating terrorist attack annihilates New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, the US government develops state-of-the-art drone patrols to counter terrorist activities and police the population. When Patterson Endcott, a scientist and drone controller, finds his name listed as a potential terrorist, he unites with a group of resistance fighters to spearhead the fight against the tyrannical government.

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RZ-9 movie full length review - District 9 from a Combat Angle

8.1 of 10. The film's summary doesn't really do it justice or capture the film adequately. Part of the reason is that it's clearly lacking the big production and marketing money.

That's noticed in the video FX to some extent, but not the cheap stuff you get off a TV quickie. It still very much deserves to be in theaters.

In addition to focusing more on the combat and people doing the combat more than the technology versus District 9 (2009), it's also a modern-day, this-could-be-happening-now war film. There's virtually nothing in this that doesn't already exist and the world is essentially as-is except for being at war. The similarities are sometimes scary in the closeness and the deliberate, unambiguous way they are pointed out in the film.

What's missing is, as mentioned, some more realistic video FX and also some of the subtlety and plot setup done in films with more writers and development time. There are also a few unnecessary clichés, like ridiculous gun fights involving soldiers with automatic, armor piercing weapons and normal people where no one is getting hit and bullets are all but infinite. Despite the budget, the cast is well selected and comes through with solid acting.