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Directed by Alex Infascelli

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S is for Stanley movie full length review - A real gem!

This movie is a treat not just for all Stanley Kubrick's fans, who will be granted an insight into the personality and everyday life of one of the greatest movie directors of

all times, but also a fantastic and moving tale of commitment and friendship that lasted thirty years, between Kubrick and his personal assistant, Emilio D'Alessandro. The documentary is following the success of a book made by Filippo Olivieri, who managed to convince the shy and private Emilio to tell him his extraordinary story. The documentary is very well made, without distracting excerpt from Kubrick's movies, focussing instead on the human relationship between the two characters, following Emilio story and his gradual involvement in taking care of Kubrick's everyday more demanding needs. I would strongly recommend this film to everyone: it is an interesting, sincere, touching and moving story of friendship that will leave its mark. A real gem!