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When a discredited L.A. Seismologist warns of an impending 12.7 earthquake, no one takes her seriously. Now on her own, she races desperately to get her family to safety before the earthquake breaks Los Angeles apart from the mainland.

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San Andreas Quake movie full length review - 12.7 magnitude on the laughable scale...

Of course The Asylum would have to come up with their own rendering of the 2015 "San Andreas" movie, and thus enters "San Andreas Quake".

You already know what you are in for here as soon as you see the logo of The Asylum on the screen. And you know that chances of this movie being a great movie is slim to none.

But still, I decided to stick with "San Andreas Quake" and watch it to the end. And having done that now, I can say that it was honestly not as bad as I had initially thought it would turn out. But it is far from being a masterpiece, and it most definitely offers no competition to "San Andreas" which is just in a whole different league.

The storyline in "San Andreas Quake", to those unfamiliar with the plot of "San Andreas", is about a discredited seismologist whom has invented a way of measuring earthquakes before they happen, an effective warning system indeed. But when she predicts a 12.7 earthquake to strike Los Angeles, no one takes her claim seriously. Left to her own devices, the races against time in a desperate attempt to get her family to safety before an earthquake of biblical proportions destroys all of Los Angeles.

Sure, the storyline was adequate, but as always with The Asylum it is just a shameless rip off of another big blockbuster. And as such, then it is not very inventive or original, and if you have seen the movie that they are imitating, then you have no reason to watch this.

The acting in "San Andreas Quake" was alright, and people were doing good enough jobs with their given roles and characters. They were just struggling an uphill battle against a very weak storyline and facing the fact that this was done much better in another movie.

As with most movies that come from The Asylum, then the effects are not overly impressive, and were questionable in many cases. The CGI effects were not realistic, and they didn't really give off the impression that this natural disaster was of 12.7 magnitude.

It is just another generic disaster movie, and while it is watchable for a single time, then it hardly offers anything worthwhile remembering. "San Andreas Quake" is not a movie that you will watch more than a single time, if you do decide to sit down and actually watch this generic disaster movie.