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Three scouts and lifelong friends join forces with one badass cocktail waitress to become the world’s most unlikely team of heroes. When their peaceful town is ravaged by a zombie invasion, they’ll fight for the badge of a lifetime and put their scouting skills to the test to save mankind from the undead.

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Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse movie full length review - A really fun ride

In some lab, a janitor accidentally starts a zombie outbreak. Ben, Carter and Augie have been scouts since they were little under Scot Leader Rogers.

Going home, they agree to camp in the woods tonight. Ben and Carter hit a deer. Carter's sister Kendall and her boyfriend Jeff and friend Chloe comes by. Carter tells Ben they get invited to the secret seniors party. Ben hesitates but Carter gets excited. They continue and stop by a mini market where Carter asks a homeless to buy him beer. A girl Denise who works at the strip club across the street comes and breaks her bag strap. Ben helps with a knot, and she helps buying the beer as the homeless man tries to swindle. Meanwhile, Rogers gets attacked by the lab zombie. The three scouts camp and continue on, assuming Rogers' absence as a test. When sleep time comes Carter wakes Ben to sneak out to the party, but Augie is already waiting by the car. They have an argument but Augie lets them go. On the road Ben notices the streets are strangely empty.

They stop by the previous mini market and Carter sees the club bouncer gone. He takes Ben to sneak in. But the stripper inside tries to eat them and the bouncer, now a zombie, chases them. Ben runs to the toilet and gets cornered. Denise saves Ben and finds Carter and they flee. Augie goes to Rogers' house. He finds zombie Rogers but manages to bind him. Ben, Carter and Denise go to the police station, but instead they get locked in a cell with zombies around. After a while the zombies leave, distracted to car alarms. Augie sneaks into the cell area, losing the cell key instead. But he saves them by picking the lock. They find the precious homeless man but a soldier shoots him. The soldier takes them to the party address but it turns out Jeff gave Carter the wrong address. Having bitten before, suddenly the soldier attacks Denise, so they help her. Ben snatches a radio and the military says they'll bomb the city in two hours. They decide to go to Kendall's room to get her diary where she wrote the true address.

They reach the room. Denise tells Carter and Augie to check out the noise downstairs. They find Carter's cat lady neighbor and other zombies attack them. Upstairs Denise finds Kendall's picture and encourages Ben on his feelings to Kendall. They soon get cornered in Kendall's room as more zombies attack. One by one they jump out of the window to a trampoline. Last man out, Ben finds the diary before jumping. They find a motorbike and Denise goes to warn the military. The three stop by a hardware store and prepare. At the party the zombie outbreak has spread, including to Chloe and Jeff. As the zombies start to ravage the party the scouts begin shooting and slashing them, with Ben saving Kendall. But the zombies get too many and the scouts get cornered at the basketball court. Augie sets up a bomb, but Denise peeks from a laundry chute so they follow her. Augie fuses the bomb as the zombies break the doors, and escapes.

With all the trailers revealing much already, the story gets to be very much predictable even from the start. Yet the movie manages to set itself to be a fun ride. It's nice to see that a comedy can still present nicely complicated jam of problems like the time when the characters get locked in a cell with zombies around. Yet the movie still returns to its formula of being a fun ride by coming up with ridiculously easy way out, such as the lock-picking Augie or the trampoline.

The action and comedy nicely blends in seamlessly, although the movie neatly timed the action to let some horror elements seep into the overall presentation. You'll get more gore than you'll bargain for in this movie, so I'll advise not to bring your kids to see this movie, even though they tell a story of three youngsters. That said, the action is greatly worthy and can keep you both staying on your seats as well as gulping chuckles due to steady inserts of humor in them.

The comedy is again same as the action,; it's not for child consumption. There's so many sex jokes that the movie feels like more of crappy sex comedy if there's no action in it. As far as I can remember the non-sex joke is only the one with the zombie Britney fan. Again, since it already made peace with it's would be rating of R, the movie didn't hold back in showing partial nudity, which actually comes in very much handy in supporting the comedy parts even better.

The acting feels like it's just a standard job in overall. Tye Sheridan still doesn't escape the image and mannerisms of the young age of his previous roles as a boy, like in Mud or Joe. Logan Miller on the other hand quite got the overall excited and spirited nature of Carter, while Joey Morgan surprisingly managed to capture the whole stereotype of a friend who gets alienated by the school's social life. Sarah Dumont manages to capture the screen with her presence, although mostly not for her acting prowess, and Haslton Sage nicely secured quite a significant role for her third appearance this year alone.

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (2015) gains a 6 out of 10 score from me. A recommendation goes out from me to a limited demography of people, particularly those who fit the R rated audience group. It isn't necessarily a great movie, but it is indeed a fun ride for the Halloween season.