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This landmark film uses new evidence to investigate the truth behind Mona Lisa's identity and where she lived. It decodes centuries-old documents and uses state-of-the-art technology that could unlock the long-hidden truths of history's most iconic work of art.

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Secrets of the Mona Lisa movie full length review - DA VINCI joCOnDEs (tv)

i'm not into painting as it's an really overrated art and a field described as important just because the wealthy elites have fun with their money.

However i like history, craft and mysteries and the story of Joconde has everything: This documentary is really captivating as it tries to guess exactly what happens 500 years ago and it's amazing to see that clues are limited and that the most famous painting in the world now was really not that hot when it was painted! It's funny to see that people claims to have another Jocondes and it's even more pathetic to see that they hid their painting into secured vaults! I'm happy to learn that a french has invented an amazing camera to study paintings (yet never told in our country) and i'm perplexed about the result: if the two paintings have been made on the same canvas, where are the famous colons drawn by Raphael? The analysis never tells about them and i found that a bit strange...