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A shy, budding young writer attempts to shake off the torment of lost love while taking an assignment profiling an alluring club promoter, who reigns over a world of music, lights, and drag queens.

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Seek movie full length review - Lack Lustre Canadian Gay Film

The synopsis for this film is that a 'hot, young' newspaper writer attempts to shake off lost love by following a party organiser around in order to write a piece on him.

Evan is the newspaper guy but I missed the lost love thing. He just seems to write about ordinary people for his gay magazine ? some of the interviews were the best part in this less than average offering.

Hunter is the party planner who seems to combine hedonism with good old down to earth capitalist principles. There is no chemistry here ? unless you include the occasional references to drugs and for a relationship movie that kinda means it falls at the first hurdle.

His pieces for this unreadable mag are frivolous mostly and there is no attempt to examine any gay issues at all, and I sort of blinked and missed the bedroom bits. When it ended I had a mixed feeling of relief and regret. Relief that it was over and regret for having bothered watching it. I then tried to work out what the whole point was about this and had not got a clue. I can not think of anything to recommend this; you are better off going to 'seek' something else out ? for a great Canadian slice of gay life check out 'Coming Out'.