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HARRISON is an optimist with a history of schizophrenia and a limited social circle who battles the diverse and unpredictable voices he hears, a judgemental society and the hazards of social media as he attempts to make a new friend. To manage the voices, he projects them into his childhood toys: SMILING HERBERT contains the voice of rage, MOLLY is the voice of paranoia, BEAN represents irrepressible sexual thoughts, CONRAD speaks the bare facts, MARROW provides an indecipherable mumble and MOUSEY is the sound of panic. When Harrison happens upon the philanthropic online posts of the beautiful social media addict, AMBER, and she blindly accepts his “chum request”, Harrison sees this as the beginning of a beautiful friendship, but is it...?

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Selective Listening movie full length review - Selective Listening review

Bought this on Amazon the other day on a punt cuz I thought it looked different and it's quite a good little film. It's about a bloke with mental problems who lives on his own and hears voices that come out of toys.

The opening of the film was pretty calm, but then the voices got introduced and it all kicked off! The actors and actresses are all new to me but are good at what they do (the bald bloke is hilarious). The two main women are very nice to look at too! It made a change to see a modern film with a sort of comedy that you don't see everywhere and maybe its because its not a mainstream release that the language was hilariously politically incorrect, but not out of order. And I liked the end. Thumbs up. Worth a watch.