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Peter Hammer moves to Kennedy high school in an upscale neighborhood and meets the microcosm of school on the first day. Arty Samantha, Queen Bee Natalia, New Age Spencer, and hanger-on Andy. They're all anxious to graduate from Kennedy, but their uptight teacher Ms. Ghetty throws a curve ball by assigning the class a Senior Project, where they have to team up and present a topic at the end of the year in order to graduate.

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Senior Project movie full length review - Poor Margaret Cho

How sad a big talent like Margaret Cho must wade through this kind of mucky movie.

The word "stupid" fills everything you need to know about this sorrowful mess.

Margaret Cho - what's with all those tattoos? They must be real because I've seen other photos of you with tattoos.

Outside of seeing Margaret's Cho's tattoos, Kyle Massey is actually funny in maybe a couple of scenes.

That's it for the mess. Cho's tattoos and Massey bringing a laugh somewhere in the movie.